About e2 Young Engineers

e2 Young Engineers enrichment programs employ our exclusive “edutainment” (education and entertainment) approach to teaching. We believe in making knowledge in the fields of math, science and technology accessible to all children through lessons that are enjoyable.

e2 Young Engineers has developed a selection of different programs for students from pre-school through high school in order to teach the subjects we feel are the way of the future.

Our enrichment programs and workshops are suited for students of all different learning abilities. Unlike traditional lecture style education methods, our instructors engage students through the use of stories, hands-on experiments and demonstrations. Our participants learn real life applications of mathematic principles, the laws of physics and both mechanical and software engineering. Our enrichment programs are so successful because we have disguised the education with entertainment.

We keep our students ahead of the traditional learning curve by making learning something they enjoy. 2011 winner of the title “Entrepreneur of the year” by Youth Business International, (a network of international non-profit organizations overseen by organization president His Royal Highness, Prince of Whales, Prince Charles) e2 Young Engineers has created and continually develops a unique selection of enrichment programs and workshops. We strive to provide our students with the most comfortable learning experience by hiding the education in fun and exciting hands-on activities.

We ensure learning effectiveness by using K’nex® and LEGO® building blocks kits exclusively made by Young Engineers for our enrichment workshops to create a fun learning atmosphere. Our unparalleled programs and lesson plans are constantly being updated and improved. We do this to ensure we keep our students ahead of the traditional learning curve. Statistical analysis of our enrichment programs shows a well-defined connection between participation in our e² Young Engineers programs and success in school.

In 2013 Carnegie Mellon University’s iCarnegie, chose to market e2 Young Engineers exclusive edutainment model to national education ministries around the world. Carnegie Mellon University, leaders in the field of engineering for over a century, believes in e2 Young Engineers as a way to shape youth today into future inventors, engineers and scientists.


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